Lisboa 1980.

Began to study Architecture at the Universidade Lusíada of Lisbon in 1998. Having studied one year at the Politecnico di Milano and subsequently graduating from the Universidade Autónoma of Lisbon in 2005, Being a member of the Portuguese Order of Architects (OAP) Nº 14875.

In his professional career, collaborates with architects Fernando Sanchez Salvador and Margarida Nunes Grácio and with artist Jose Barrias, in Milan, Italy. In 2004 he founds the studio OTO Architects and since 1997 develops projects together with João Ribeiro de Carvalho, founding in 2007 the studio Ribeiro de Carvalho Architects.

In 2009 was present with OTO Architects at the WAF, World Architectural Festival in Barcelona, with the project for the Headquarters of the Ilha do Fogo National Park, in Cape Verde, having made part of the submitted project shortlist. With this building won the National Architecture Prize of Cape Verde in 2013.

During the course of his activity, prepares projects in the areas of Urban Planning, Architecture and Design in Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique, with special note to the expansion plan to six Mozambican cities (Casa Merecida), the project of two hundred and ninety-four Social housing Interest dwellings (Casa para Todos Boavista 3) in Cape Verde and the rehabilitation of the Hotel Central and Café Paris in Sintra, Portugal.