McLeod Kredell Architects is a studio built around the practice, teaching, and community engagement of architecture. We believe that architecture grows out of its particular place and time--yet at its best it also transcends those limits. In the end, architecture should be inspiring--for the client, the architect, the builder, the passerby.

John McLeod and Steve Kredell have been collaborating since graduate architecture school in the mid-90s. Both are licensed Architects and LEED Accredited Professionals. They practiced with firms in New York, Pittsburgh, Switzerland, and Vermont before opening their own office. John is a visiting professor of architecture at Middlebury College and Steve teaches in Norwich University's School of Architecture. Both principals team up each year with Jonathan Marvel to lead the Bear Island Design Assembly with students in Maine. Combining teaching with practicing, MKA focuses on the search for appropriate local expressions of universal qualities and ideals.

McLeod Kredell: Locavore Architects in Vermont
Taking a down-to-earth, locavore approach to architecture, the firm McLeod Kredell brings modernism to the traditional region of...