I am a designer. I create functional objects. A designer is an intellectual craftsman. I design and provide creative direction services in products, industrial design and furniture. My design work covers all stages of objects creation from research and idea development to pre-production and supervision. I work independent and I collaborate with a range of trusted specialists. I setup an efficient system of co-operation individually for every project including choosing my usual three oponents. I am most interested in designing free standing functional objects. Its equally interesting for me to design one-offs for companies or private clients and serial products for the industry. I design and produce my own products and furniture with local manufacturers and craftsmen on a more intimate scale. Usually this work is somehow part of my research and development interests. I see design as studying and creating the relationship of humans and human-made objects. We live with objects, everything around us thats not nature has been created by us and design is part of that. Objects we make or buy represent us. I relate most to free moving objects, ones that are designed by me, made by a producer or craftsman and then they go out into the world and become part of other peoples' lives, often in some unpredictable way. They get used, moved around, get damaged and repaired, get thrown away. It is then the most rewarding experience to find my product being used somewhere, part of some situation. This is a proof to me that I did it right.