San Francisco–based mixed media artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon did not begin making art until she was 33 years old; eight years later, it is now the most significant part of her life and livelihood. Aside from four painting classes, Lisa is entirely self-taught. She uses her lack of training to her advantage: instead of following refined technique, she works with her own sense of color, composition and design as her guide.

When she is not making art in her studio, Lisa is at Rare Device, the San Francisco design-led shop and art gallery she owns and operates with her friend Rena Tom. She lives in the Mission District of San Francisco with her partner, her 10 pound chihuahua mix, Wilfredo, and her two cats, Barry and Margaret (named for Barry McGee and the late Margaret Kilgallen, two of her favorite artists). She works at her studio several blocks from her home.