For all my adult life I was a maker of things. Starting at age nineteen when I felt college was not for me, I made and sold jewelry from my studio which was first in a tourist area and then in my home. My favorite creative mode was to have people bring their old gold which I would melt down while they watched, sculpt and finish it into something they left wearing. Retail can wear you down. So, I am now a craftivist! I provide can't fail projects and support (in many different directions) for people of all ages to just make something in the moment. Freed from the effort to sell (thank you Etsy) I have a freedom that I intend to use to the fullest.
Before I made jewelry I crocheted and knit. Now I make Tewelry, knitting tools that double as jewelry. Spinning fiber, paper crafting, music and writing are other creative directions to which I am drawn.