My name is Keli Keach but around Asheville some people also call me June Bug. Photography for me is capturing the essence of a moment, revealing a window into someone’s spirit, the grandeur of nature, or the beauty in design.

I have been exploring the world through a lens for over half of my life. I started back in secondary school where I learned how to process film and develop prints in a dark room. I love the world of digital and all the flexibility and creativity it offers. For me, photography is a journey and an adventure that is always moving, growing, and changing along with my own spirit. I love photographing people candidly; for me this reveals more truth in the moment.

From taking images of babies, your beloved pets, your home, photos for your website or catalog, even your new building or room remodel, I love how variety keeps my work interesting and available to many people. There is so much beauty around us all the time, even in hardship. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes and if I can assist you with any photography needs, let’s chat. You can contact me via my Contact & Info page. Look forwarding to talking!