Professor Kas Oosterhuis is both a visionary and a practicing architect designer, leading the innovation studio ONL and the Hyperbody research group at the TU Delft. Environments at all scales – from furniture to buildings to cities - are considered complex adaptive systems, both in terms of their geometry and their behavior in time. The main focus of the current research is on parametric design and robotic building in all phases of the design to production and the design to operation process Projects like the A2 COCKPIT building in Utrecht, the BÁLNA mixed use cultural centre in Budapest, the LIWA tower in Abu Dhabi and the fully customizable Body Chair are living proof of Oosterhuis lean design to production approach, in terms of precision, assembly time, sustainability, costs, and above all by his design signature. In his book Towards a New Kind of Building, a Designers Guide to Nonstandard Architecture [NAi Publishers, 2011] Oosterhuis reveals the fundamentals of his personal design universe, which embraces the paradigm shift from standard to nonstandard architecture and from static to dynamic environments as the initial condition. Oosterhuis delivered his TEDx lecture in 2012. In 2013 Oosterhuis founded as editor-in- chief the scientific journal Next Generation Building.