I am a Frisian Dutch architect and designer and now I live and work in Belgium.

The countryside and small towns is where I realized several buildings and projects

of Art. Fore 7 years I was a teacher and had small groups of art students.

For 10 years I made also objects i.c. non functional cupboards you can see them
on the website After I made them, I wrote stories around

the objects .

I like old and new and try to make a combination in which you recognize the craft
of both parts.

Stories and dreams are inspiration to a better future. Mass-production is a necessity
but my contribution is to make unique products everyone can buy.

I try in my latest work with the TOV houses to combine the whole experience of my

total working life.

I have the freedom to do it and this is my choice in life.

I studied at 4 academy , had my own (small) office, worked in art and theater projects.