Hedrich Blessing is a unique organization. Each of our photographers began as an assistant mentored by one or more of the photographers. Our craftsmanship, work ethic and problem solving derive from this longstanding tradition of apprenticeship. A working rapport with our client is essential. The ongoing creative exchange between clients and photographers promote collabortaion. Hedrich Blessing is easy to work with. Flexibility is key. Our photographers, digital artists, assistants and management form a dynamic team. Continual investments in state of the art technology allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality image files. Our photography endures. On site, we archive every job from 1979 to the present, while the first 50 years of Hedrich Blessing's work is catalogued at the Chicago History Museum. We create great photography for architects, editors, artist, product manufacturers, graphic designers and everybody requiring intelligent imagery. Our clients' success proves Hedrich Blessing's value.