General Pencil Company's artist products come to artists from their factory in Jersey City, New Jersey. They believe in quality, tradition, value, and the fun of creating.

This company takes pride in handcrafting quality pencils and artist materials using traditional methods passed down for five generations. Their history dates back to 1861 when Edward Weissenborn founded the American Lead Pencil Co. in Hoboken, NJ. He was an inventor and machinist and acquired 28 patents for improved machinery and processes in making 360 different kinds of pencils. Weissenborn sold the company to The Reckford family in 1885. He then established the pencil exchange in Jersey City, New Jersey with his son Oscar, in 1889, which was later renamed The General Pencil Company.

Still family owned and operated, their goal is to create consistent, quality products in a sustainable manner for artists of all levels. The products continue to be the American made choice for aspiring and world renowned artists alike.