Compton 1000 Electric Fireplace
Modern fireplace design made effortless.
E40 Electric Fireplace
Beautiful Technology, Natural Flames.
Meijifocus Central Fireplace
360° GLASS FIREPLACE From ember to flame, fire takes center stage.
Summum 100 Gas Fireplace
With an expansive viewable opening of 39” wide by 21” tall very little stands between the most perfect fire and your...
Summum 70 Gas Fireplace
Understated and elegant. Don’t be fooled by its modest size.
Lucius 140 Peninsula Fireplace
The Lucius 140 Room Divider is a stunning, frameless peninsula fireplace.
E32H Electric Fireplace
The E32 H is a trimless, electric fireplace available in Single-Sided, Corner Style and 3-Sided.
Bidore 240H Corner Style Gas Fireplace
Asymmetry. Scale. Glass. Fire.
Agorafocus 850 Wood Burning Suspended Fireplace
Considerably larger than the model that inspired it (Agorafocus 630), this round hanging fireplace is better suited to...
Bathyscafocus Indoor and Outdoor Wood Fireplace
With a nod towards the sea, this round, compact fireplace has a serene, understated and warm presence.