Club 240H Gas Fireplace
The Club 240H is a gas fireplace featuring clean, modern lines.
J Series Outdoor Gas Fireplace
There is nothing wrong with a classic. And the back-patio fire-pit is about as classic as you get.
Modore 140 Gas Fireplace
The quintessential linear gas fireplace.
Summum 140 gas Fireplace
The Summum 140 is the only fireplace with four real flame burners and a bottom burner.
Club 140 Gas Fireplace
This fireplace ups the ante with the innovative LED burner system.
H Series Peninsula Vent-Free Fireplace
The H Series vent-free peninsula-style gas fireplace is everything you are looking for and more. Open-faced fireplace.
E60 Electric Fireplace
Becoming a standard for so many modern designers, the E60 electric fireplace features a completely frameless finish and...
Sky T See-Through Gas Fireplace
The Sky T is a vertical, direct vent gas fireplace that comes in at a stunning five feet tall.
Tenore 240 See-Through Gas Fireplace
The Tenore 240 is a direct vent gas see-through fireplace with beautiful proportions, and a dramatic size – 95” wide...
Lucius 100 Peninsula Gas Fireplace
The Lucius 100 is a stunning, frameless 3-sided, peninsula, direct vent gas fireplace.
Trisore 95 3-Sided Gas Fireplace
The Trisore 95 is a stunning three-sided direct vent gas fireplace with clean, glass on glass, corners and a beautiful...