Duggan McDonnell has been professionally involved in drink making for five years, but a love for liquid has been present since his youth. “I’ve definitely been interested in beverages for a long time,” McDonnell says. “I love coffee, I love tea, juice, all of them, from beginning to end, A to Z. I just love the art of making a drink.” After moving to San Francisco in 2002, McDonnell did stints at Mecca and the Redwood Room in the Philippe Starck–designed Clift Hotel before being lured away to help open the restaurant Frisson, designed by Scott Kester. Despite Frisson’s strict no-blender policy (“There’s a stigma attached to blenders in bars,” McDonnell says. “People think if one is present, then it’s going to be a T.G.I. Friday’s or something”), the self-proclaimed mixologist has retained his affection for the device.