Just two years into her tenure with Naomi Leff & Associates, Ms. Leff, widely recognized as an icon of 21st century interior design, promoted Ms.Kuriger to Director of her Interior Design Department. Several years later Ms. Kuriger joined Victoria Hagan Interiors before leaving as a Senior Design Associate to launch DKD LTD in 2005. She maintains a formidable roster of clients as her work consistently demonstrates a consummate dedication to the design of distinctive spaces which raise the bar for refined and comfortable, luxurious living.

Feature articles on her work have appeared in Architectural Digest, praising her use of "clean lines and understated form," and multiple issues of Esquire Magazine. Esquire categorizes Ms. Kuriger among a handful of "world-renowned designers" affiliated with "luxury brands," and the "ultimate living space ... where visionary design meets high concept," while another feature article in Western Interiors points to her dynamic range, singling out her articulation of "rich textures" on a contrasting project in Malibu ,California.

DKD LTD. offices are located in SoHo, NYC & Beverly Hills, CA.