Welcome to Curio.
A visionary space that invites the mind to travel through visual storytelling.

Working in the hectic yet wonderful world of advertising and graphic design, Art Director and Stylist
Marcus Hay, feels there is still the need for a space to explore and discover new ways of composing imagery.

Curio came about as the result of Marcus's deep desire to bring together talented creatives, providing a
space where they can produce fresh editorial images outside the purview of their commercial assignments.

Guided by Marcus's vision, Curio features a new story every few months, that promotes a thirst for knowledge and

exploration. With a sharp eye for style, Marcus takes the idea of a "curio cabinet" – where treasures and beautiful

objects are artfully displayed – to present the unique wonders of the world around us in new and interesting ways.

Within this curio cabinet, they can be rediscovered through the theme of each issue, ready for a new life.

curio 9: go girl!
One ground-shaking day in January this year will go down in history.
curio 8: petal pusher
In the hands of artist Livia Cetti, simple paper becomes a garden of earthly delights.
curio 6: behind the scenes
curio 6: Behind the...
curio 7: behind the scenes
Curio 7: Behind the...
curio 7: trunk show
Sometimes one’s art can be simultaneously window and mirror: an escape hatch to another life, a reflection of the beauty of one’s...
curio 6: think knit
Knitwear can conjure a quaint image of old ladies stitching and bitching, but in reality it’s a sophisticated, tactile art form.