In addition to being one of The Cousins on HGTV, John Colaneri stands out as a dynamic business maven in his own right. You've already seen the New Jersey native beef up and bolster homes across the U.S. with his cousin and best bud Anthony Carrino on their multiple hit shows as well as starring in the online series Chill & Grill on and AOL's MANuscript.
HGTV came calling in 2011 and offered The Cousins their first show. Over the course of Kitchen Cousins, Cousins On Call, and Cousins Undercover, this powerful and precise pair saved countless homes with John remaining instrumental to the vision. They moved into the online realm with the funny and fiery cooking show Chill & Grill and a guide to being a guy—MANuscript. In 2015 the duo debuted their much anticipated show, America's Most Desperate Kitchens. Along the way, they became regular special guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, helping her surprise deserving fans with full home makeovers. They have now teamed up with her again for a new series called Grand Design on her EllenTube Channel.

You can also check out his personal design business on