12 Terrifically Glamorous Camping Options
While we might prefer to avoid the awkward sounding neologism "glamping," there's no doubt that this modern trend of retiring to...

Risom House, 1967. Architect, Jens Risom. Illustration by Michael Nÿkamp of mkn design.
A Modern Glass Addition in Belgium
For this tiny house in the Belgian forest, a little extra square footage comes in the form of a glassed-in addition with a...
Topping off the hotel amenities is BaTabasTa, a shop that was founded in Shanghai by Clara Arnús and Leti Cano. Located in the reception area, you’ll find printed shirts—some of which feature patterns that can be found throughout the rest of the hotel.
A swirling, sculptural staircase serves as the centerpiece in this 1940 residence designed by Samuel A. Marx for Morton D. May in Ladue, Missouri. 

Credit: © Chicago History Museum, Hedrich-Blessing, photographer