Dwell Life
A look at life at Dwell. Working in the Modern World.
Bobby's new profile picture. #handsome
Countdown to Beta and random hole in the wall.
Summer trip to New York Dwell diggs. That there is the Empire State Building, it's kinda a big deal here. #nyc #skyscraper
Letting the new guy know where he sits. #trey
Adam working the board. Invest in post-its. #beats headphones.
The thinker. Thinking.
Shadow Yau.
Ethan Lance, ladies and gentlemen. Best hair ever.  #handsome #hair
Early planning session on the #ideapaint wall. 
Plus, goateed Ethan bonus.
Dwell made shoes, once.
Lance ,Yau , and my feet, back when we first started. #newbalance
My desk used to be this clean.
Hipster coffee mug. That pillow keeps watching me.
Dwell NYC on a gorgeous Friday morning.
Production's Bette Midler Garden
San Francisco office entry.  Turn right.