Antonio Arévalo’s designs embody an unusually happy marriage between form and function. Their timeless, seductive and desirable qualities add distinction to modern homes in a perfect balance of effortless beauty. These enchanting products grow on the owner more and more. Born in El Salvador, Arévalo’s youthful early designs were inspired by his interest in the techniques of mass production. Arévalo gained a BA in Product Design at Ravensbourne College and an MA with the Royal College of Arts in Product Design. His post-graduate analysis of where he fits into the world of design consolidated his understanding of how viewing European design through Latin American eyes helps give an unfamiliar edge to his version of familiar household and commercial objects. Often said to be ahead of their time, Arévalo’s pieces also evoke a hint of tradition. One of Antonio’s gifts is the communication of aesthetic values through the everyday. His desire is to combine materials and shapes in a way that feels right and adds visual value to the living or working space.