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Young Guns 2014

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Young Guns
Our 2014 class of rising talent includes designers from Bulgaria, South Korea, Portugal, and beyond. This year's installment shows that global design is more accessible than ever before, thanks to technology and fluid borders.
young guns 2014

  • modern design young guns 2014 Yong Jeong dora CD player

    Yong Jeong

    Based in Seoul, Yong Jeong is a recent art school graduate whose inventive and boldly colorful industrial designs owe a debt to the South Korean designer Joongho Choi.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Benjamin Graindorge sofascape sofa

    Benjamin Graindorge

    Parisian designer Benjamin Graindorge is self-deprecating but completely content in his chosen métier, professing that “learning is freedom.” His enlightened state derives from time spent in Patago

  • modern design young guns 2014 knauf and brown hull sofa

    Knauf and Brown

    Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown are simpatico in a way that only best friends can be, which is fitting because their Vancouver-based design studio, Knauf and Brown, has its roots in the bonds the two

  • modern design young guns 2014 Henny van Nistelrooy extract screen

    Henny Van Nistelrooy

    With his upbringing in rural Holland, his education in London, and his current base in Beijing, Dutch designer Henny van Nistelrooy mixes the flavors of his multiple worlds into a colorful and ecle

  • modern design young guns 2014 NTN waterford glass lamp


    Ian Walton (who comes from a long line of physicists) and Marcel Twohig (the son of an artist and sculptor) both studied industrial design at Dublin’s National College of Art & Design.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Margaux Keller soupier tabletop mirror

    Margaux Keller

    Margaux Keller has come a long way since age 13, redecorating her room by arranging furniture and “pinning stuff on the walls.” She decided then, as a teenager growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, to

  • modern design young guns 2014 Karoline Fesser woonling collection chairs

    Karoline Fesser

    Inquisitiveness motivates German designer Karoline Fesser, who lives and works in her hometown, just outside Cologne.

  • modern design young guns 2014 daniele bortotto mood dispenser

    Daniele Bortotto

    Nomadic Italian designer Daniele Bortotto gleans inspiration from the places he visits: “I’m always on a train,” he says.

  • modern design young guns 2014 nick ross white lies marble

    Nick Ross

    It’s no wonder that designer Nick Ross—of the Stockholm studio that bears his name—often references historical events. For inspiration, he says, “You can’t beat a good BBC documentary.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Vera & Kyte bobby bandit pendant lights

    Vera & Kyte

    Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte are the talents behind the up-and-coming Norwegian design studio Vera & Kyte.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Aaron Probyn

    Aaron Probyn

    Enterprising British designer Aaron Probyn crafts minimalist kitchenware for mega-retailers like West Elm and Habitat.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Casey Lurie primo 25 oak brass

    Casey Lurie

    A Southern California native, Casey Lurie honed his aesthetic in art programs at Cal Arts and Northwestern University, but it wasn’t until he met Teruo Kurosaki, founder of the influential Japanese

  • modern design young guns 2014 Marina Dragomirova stellar glass lamp

    Marina Dragomirova

    Marina Dragomirova studied graphic and interior design in her native Bulgaria before decamping for London, where she landed in the products-design program at the Royal College of Art and interned w

  • modern design young guns 2014 Tania da Cruz Bole stools cork

    Tania da Cruz

    Milan-based Tania da Cruz cut her teeth in Marcel Wanders’s Amsterdam studio. “It was like living in a temporary fairy tale,” she says.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Simon Key Bertman textile multi throw

    Simon Key Bertman

    Simon Key Bertman’s textile designs are a treat for the eyes, the brain, and the fingertips.

  • modern design young guns 2014 Aio Yoshizawa tokio curtain

    Aoi Yoshizawa

    “I have been interested in textiles ever since my mother and grandmother taught me to sew and knit when I was small,” says breakout textile designer Aoi Yoshizawa.

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