June 4, 2010

A cornucopia of online delights, unearthed from the dark recesses of the Internet by your friendly Dwell staff, await you on this bonny summer Friday.

The Fax Handbook, 1989.
The Fax Handbook, 1989.

Michele: Awful Library Books

Run by two public librarians in the Midwest, Awful Library Books features the results of their weeding out of outdated books in their own collection as well as offering opinions on submitted entries from other libraries. The service is serious—the librarians aim to keep collections relevant and of high quality—but the culled books are often hilarious, appalling, and either a horror or kitschy delight to the eyes of book designers everywhere.

Aaron: Dream Get Together video by Citay

I just saw this new music video by psychy-jammy-strummy San Francisco band Citay and it most certainly gets at the love they feel for their hometown. Street shots, dudes with guitars driving around, and a pretty solid panoramic shot of the Citay by the Bay (taken from Bernal Hill, I'd wager) all accompany this very bitchin clip. Here's to grand old SF!


Miyoko: Project Thirty Three

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The owner of Seattle, Washington, used vinyl records shop Jive Time Records loves graphic record covers--and we do too. On his blog Project Thirty Three, he scans and posts covers, organizing them by shape: circles and dots, arrows, squares, typography only, and so on. A great site to peruse for some afternoon eye candy. via Swissmiss


Jordan: Bloggers in the Archive

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Former Dwell Senior Editor, current BLDGBLOGger and über-intelligent man about town, and forever all-around awesome human Geoff Manaugh will be taking part in the Canadian Centre for Architecture's Visiting Scholars program this summer in Montreal. He'll be exploring the archives and sharing his findings online, and in conjunction has developed "Bloggers in the Archives." The nascent plan will give expert bloggers the chance to dig into annals of different institutions, revealing the wonders within. Such a great idea!!


Amanda: Marimekko, circa 1976

I have no clue what anyone is saying in most of this video, but the behind-the-scene glimpse of the process behind Marimekko's handmade prints really requires no translation. I am also enjoying the added sartorial benefit of everyone's '70s hair and glasses, in addition to the world-weary demeanor of Armi Ratia, the late founder of Marimekko and the company's first textile designer. 


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