March 26, 2010

We humbly offer our favorite links from the week, and we've got a little something for everyone: videos, archival photographs, DIY projects, sneak-attack drawings, and more.

friday polaroid impossible Collection

Dakota: The Impossible Project

Exciting news for instant film lovers! Last Monday, a group called the Impossible Project began selling instant film for Polaroid fans. In 2007, Polaroid shut down their factories world wide after announcing that they would cease production of both film and cameras. The Impossible Project began when a small group of Polaroid photographers/lovers purchased the last integral film factory in the Netherlands and began working on a new formula of instant film. The new product, called PX100, maintains characteristics of classic polaroid film (shape, sensitivity, instant development, etc.) but is a brand new composition with different qualities and quirks. PX100 went on sale yesterday and is currently only available in silver based monochrome shades. Color film is slated to release this summer.

Aaron: Hold Your Horses!

My Friday Find for the week is this truly wonderful music video by Franco-American band Hold Your Horses! The song, "70 Million" is a catchy bit of pop, but more importantly the video is a nice little trot through the history of Western art. Recreating a bevy of famous paintings, the band manages a winsome marriage of indie pop and your intro to art history class. My favorite recreations are the Otto Dix and the Velasquez, though surely you'll find something to love yourself.

Miyoko: DIY Project: Ikea bedside chair

friday find ikea bedside

When I wrote February's Dwell Reports story about bedside tables, I learned that what most designers--and users--recommend at a place to (1) store your goods and (2) keep a reading light. Artist Kate Pruitt took an Ikea chair and used her DIY skills to add both those things and shared the how-tos on Design*Sponge this week. I just love this bedside table solution--and might just have to give it a go myself. 

Jordan: If Paper Towels Could Talk // Marc Johns

friday find marc johns

It would totally make my day to find one of these little drawings by artist Marc Johns peeking out of some unexpected place. I defy you to take a look at his drawings and paintings (Beard Fish!!) and not crack a happy smile. via What Alice Found

Amanda: Playgrounds Design blog

friday playgrounds 1963

Arcady, the editor of this awesome and rich website devoted to playground design, was motivated to embark on the subject because she found a dearth of information online. As she says in her profile, "playgrounds are under-recognized as an artistic medium....and everybody loves a playground." At left, an image from a 1963 Life Magazine spread on space-age playground design.

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