March 19, 2010

We return with our editors' favorite links of the week, featuring everything from Ikea's latest advertising campaign in Paris to a video of a youngish Tom Waits reading Charles Bukowski.

Test Ikea Metro
Test Ikea Metro
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Test Ikea Metro
Test Ikea Metro

Aaron: Ikea Subway Display

Considering what an event going to Ikea is, and how immersive an experience shopping there feels like, I was rather surprised and pleased to see this little nugget online this week. It seems the great Swedish fish of decor has installed their wares at a quartet of Parisian Metro stations from March 10th-24th. Though sitting on a couch is certainly more appealing than standing around waiting for the train, I wonder how grimy the upholstery will be by the end of the event. Even still, not a bad idea, and certainly a decent way to still get the Ikea vignette feel without heading out to the suburbs. via

Sam: Code Organ

friday code organ

Have you ever wondered what your website sounds like? Wait no longer! The code organ analyzes your site's html and uses an algorithm to determine the key, tonalities, and so on, based on the site's code. Pretty nifty.

Jordan: Tom Waits Reads Charles Bukowski

I like this so much. via Eyeteeth

Good magazine neighborhood infographics contest

friday good mag resized

Good magazine recently reached out to its readership to design infographics about neighborhoods. (The magazine also teamed up with Pictory to design its slideshow Neighborhood Treasures.) The results are not only beautiful to look at but tell fascinating stories.

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