November 27, 2009

The editors share lots of visual inspiration this week, from contemporary Polish poster galleries to a 1970s video flashback courtesy of Sesame Street and Philip Glass.

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polish poster

Sarah: Young Polish Poster Designers

I found this extensive list of graphic posters from Polish designers via ffffound. There's a lot of great art to click through and a blog connected to the site. Most of the posters are commercial, so there's considerable variety of style, but most all of it is interesting and inspiring to scan through.

Jordan: Philip Glass - Sesame Street - The Geometry of Circles

I'm mesmerized by this animation from Sesame Street, circa 1979. Composer Philip Glass composed four "Geometry of Circles" shorts for the show, and and it's a pretty trippy two-and-a-half minutes, perfect viewing for a grey and chilly Friday morning.

via Little Paper Planes

Aaron: Patrick Long

patrick long illustration

I wandered into a new menswear store in San Francisco last night only to find the work of illustrator Patrick Long. Though what was in the shop--Unionmade at 18th and Sanchez--was a Long-designed canvas tote meant to hold two six-packs of beer, proprietor Todd Barket soon showed me Long's website with all manner of daffy, charming and winsome drawings. Nice work, all around. Maybe we can get him in the pages of Dwell before long.

Miyoko: Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions

architectural fantasies artwork

With the December/January 2010 The Future issue now on newsstands, I was in the perfect mindset for viewing the futuristic visions of Russian architect and artist Iakov Chernikov when I recently stumbled upon a set of drawings from his 1933 publication Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions. The bold fluid lines and upward movement of the buildings and depictions offer an optimistic look of what may come--and some great eye candy for the meantime. via Cool Boom.



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