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Friday Finds 08.24.12

In a fresh installment of our popular Friday Finds series, the staff of Dwell shares its favorite design, art, music, and photography discoveries.

The blog Räume features a wide range of interiors.

Aaron: Räume

Own up to it. Come Friday you're just looking for a good long scroll to get you from that morning cup of office Java to lunchtime. If rooms are your thing, then Räume is your site. Hot interiors served up all day long. Mostly modern with the odd pinch of the other stuff.

Holly: Typeradio

400 interviews and counting on Typeradio.
An archive of over 400 audio interviews with international designers, the Typeradio project is a collaborative effort between Dutch graphic design studio DBXL, type foundry Underware, and designer Love Liza (check out her awesome advice column).

Diana: Crochet Trauma by Laura Straßer

Ceramic bowls by Laura Straßer.
Young German designer Laura Straßer in one of the exhibitors in the 10 + 1 exhibition happening right now at Tendence in Frankfurt. Straßer founded her studio in Weimar in 2009 and specializes in ceramics—bowls, plates, pendant lamps, and figurines are just a few of the objects she's created from the medium. Among the many standouts is this series of vessels that mimic the look of crochet. Stay tuned for more reports from the show!

Cortney: Thermochromic Table

Playing with the reaction of heat sensitivity, Jay Watson's experimental table and bench respond to the warmth of your body—and any plate, mug, or other serving piece that touches its surface. Once activated, this understated detail will effectively reveal the grain of the raw timber material underneath the finish.

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