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Friday Finds 05.04.12

Editor Real Talk, a Ryan Gosling–like meme featuring econospeak, a young design company out of New Zealand, and more in this installment of Friday Finds. 


Kelsey: Found Architecture Photo Series

German photographer Marcus Bock's Found Architecture documents the imprint of demolished buildings on their still-standing neighbors. The differing rooflines make a strong visual impact, almost more so than if the disappeared building were still standing. Such are the effects of nostalgia, I suppose.

Diana: Resident at MOST

New Zealand–based Resident, an up-and-coming design and manufacturing company established in 2011, exhibited at the Milan Salone this year as part of Tom Dixon's MOST show (they'll also be exhibiting with Matter for ICFF if you're looking to find them stateside). I really love their polished-brass Oud lamp and ceramic Bing pendant. In this video, they show us how the Bing is made. Can't wait to see what they release next!

Aaron: Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan

O.K., so the "Hey Girl" meme is chugging its way toward being totally played out, but I really did like this Paul Ryan iteration. Maybe it's all the economics puns, or the fact that this dude looks like Gabe on The Office, but I'm feeling this one. Still waiting on "Hey Girl, It's Orrin Hatch."

Jaime: Real Talk From Your Editor

This tumblr circulated around our office yesterday and got everyone giggling. We editors and designers can relate all too well to the scenarios posted, along with the animated GIFs from movies and T.V. shows that hilariously illustrate said scenarios (i.e. "When I forward a hilariously bad PR email to another editor"; "When I'm editing an academic"; "When one of the designers tells me I have to cut another 400 words"). 

Katie: Design Nori

If going out for sushi weren't fancy enough, Japanese ad agency I&S BBDO creates laser-cut nori for their client, Umino Seaweed, in an effort to boost sales after the 2011 tsunami. The patterns symbolize good fortune, longevity, and happiness and are available in six designs, including cherry blossom (sakura) and tortoise shell (kikkou). Designer dinner, anyone? is your online home in the modern world. Join us as we follow our team around the globe on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Want more? Never miss another word of Dwell with our free iTunes app.

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