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March 23, 2012

This Friday, take a jaunt through the French countryside for a look at a new visitor's center whose facade is inspired by ancient timber fortifications, catch a video of two of baseball's favorite pitchers facing off, and an unconventional take on guacamole.

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Diana: Alesia Visitor's Center

Right now, I'm working on an upcoming bedding-themed Dwell Reports story and so have been hyper-aware of patterns, especially geometric ones. This herringbone facade on the Bernard Tschumi Architects–designed visitor's center in France references historic timber fortifications and is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

Aaron: Lincecum-Kershaw Photo Shoot

I caught this video last night of San Francisco Giants ace Time Lincecum and LA Dodgers hurler Clayton Kershaw clowning around during an ESPN the Magazine photoshoot. It's standard sports banter but I am so so so excited for baseball season to start—and to get out to AT&T Park to see Timmy pitch—that I wanted to share it with you lot. Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: Fresh Guacamole

Stop motion animator, Adam Pesapane, also know as PES, has new short movie with a lesson on how to make guacamole using everyday objects (aside from the handgrenade avacado). Ingredients include: chopped baseball (onion), christmas lights (jalapeños), freshly squeezed golfball (lime), and is toped off with chess pieces for salt and pepper. Brilliant and creative, "Fresh Guacamole" is sure to put a smile on your face.

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