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April 22, 2014
Dwell Editor-in-Chief, Amanda Dameron, has shopped the Dwell Store to select her favorite products. Each piece in the collection is handpicked by Amanda to complement her life, both in the Dwell office in Manhattan and at home with her family. Here are ten of Amanda’s top picks at the Dwell Store.
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Amanda loves Juniper’s THIN LED Task Lamp for proofing articles at her desk. The adjustable arm makes it easy to redirect light where it’s most needed, and the dimmer allows her to change the light intensity with a simple twist. “Proofing copy requires more than simple looking,” she says. “An editor’s eye becomes accustomed to finding things that are not immediately apparent to the casual reader—things like extra spaces, caption shapes, 'text blocks,' and other oddities. You need a concentrated beam, and depending on the time of the day, you need the ability to adjust the power of the light. In addition to accomplishing all of that, this lamp has a slim silhouette that looks great on my desk even when it’s not in use.”

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“Like many apartment-dwellers, I covet a washing machine and dryer for my own home. Someday! Until then, I need a laundry carry-all that’s substantial enough to hold a week’s worth of laundry from my family (including my baby who requires multiple outfit changes each day) and sturdy enough to make it down the three flights of stairs to my building’s laundry facilities. The leather straps are strong and well-made, and the hand-blocked design is a beautiful bonus.”

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The colorful MT Masking Tape comes in handy for reviewing the pages of the issue that Amanda tacks to her office wall. “This tape is great, not only because it has a vibrant color that pulls the eye immediately but also because it comes off easily, and never strips paint or paper.”

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“I don’t have a ton of horizontal space at home,” she says. “So I like to have accessories that can be used in multiples. Plus I love the palette in this collection—the hues work together well and the shape proves a nice focal point even when they aren’t in use.”

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“My son Otto loves playing with the Streamliner Classic Car—it’s easy to push and its shiny finish appeals to his curious fingers. It also doubles as a distinctive desktop accent when I can pry it out of his grasp!”

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"I’ve been a fan of designer Aino-Maija Metsola since we featured her house in a recent issue. She’s only been designing for Marimekko for a few years, but she’s already made quite a name for herself. The Weather Diaries, her collection for which this teapot was created, was inspired by the time spent at her home on the fortress-island off the coast of Helsinki."

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Late-night editing requires a good soundtrack. “I love this Bluetooth-enabled speaker because it not only produces rich audio quality, it also sports a nice wood grain and a compact silhouette.”

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Cincinnati Union Terminal architectural sculpture white

“Just a token to remind me of my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio—my brother even got married here! The Union Terminal is one of Cincinnati’s most important architectural statements—its Art Deco façade is stunning, and inside, there are incredible mosaic murals by German American artist Winold Reiss. This building stands as a tribute to Cincinnati’s transportation history.”

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"When I began my career as an editorial assistant, I was trained to always use a pencil on proofs—never a pen! I also eschew a digital calendar for a good old-fashioned paper one, and my schedule often changes rapidly and I travel a good deal, making pencils a necessity when I’m away from my desk. I always look for a sharpener I can stick in my bag—which should be easy to find, but it’s not. I like the Duroplast because it contains the shavings within it, which makes a lot of sense if you are often sharpening a pencil on the subway or otherwise on the go.”
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“I am a huge fan of Scholten & Baijings, and everything they do with HAY is a-ok in my book. I was excited to see this carpet, which is composed of woven paper thread and has a rubber backing on the underside to eliminate slippage.” 

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