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May 21, 2013
Originally published in The Furniture Issue
Think Pink
Cover bare walls with any of these six rose-colored options from Sherwin-Williams, Devine Colors, and Glidden.
Pink Salmon by Glidden
Pink Salmon by Glidden.
1 / 6
Fresh Pink Lemonade by Glidden
Fresh Pink Lemonade by Glidden.
2 / 6
Pink Shadow by Sherwin-Williams
Pink Shadow by Sherwin-Williams.
3 / 6
Flamingo by Devine Color
Flamingo by Devine Color.
4 / 6
Innocence by Sherwin-Williams
Innocence by Sherwin-Williams.
5 / 6
Poodle by Devine Color
Poodle by Devine Color.
6 / 6
Pink Salmon by Glidden
Pink Salmon by Glidden.

Sherwin-Williams has supercharged its Harmony line, a zero-VOC formula, with enhanced compounds that reduce airborne formaldehyde particles. 

Boutique brand Devine Color also boasts zero-VOC, though its focus is on hue. Select a shade from one of 12 coordinated palettes, instead of from a traditional fan deck organized monochromatically. 

Glidden’s low-VOC DUO Paint + Primer does double duty with a mildew-resistant coating that’s especially effective for bathrooms. 

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