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March 13, 2013
MUJI, Japan’s legendary “brand-less brand,” is expanding its West Coast empire. With ultra-basic furniture, clothing, electronics, and more headed for San Jose, California in April, we decided to stop by the company’s flagship store in Tokyo to see the latest in self-effacing design. MUJI lovers be forewarned: the full MUJI experience can still be had only in Japan!
All 7,000-plus MUJI products are on sale at the three-floor Yurakucho shop.
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Natural wood, white, and brown are the MUJI colors of choice. Here’s a happy exception: a red Roundish chair. Too bad it’s only available at the Yurakucho store!
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Pressboard shelving. (Also available only at the Yurakucho store.)
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Ail Vase Lamp by Idée, MUJI’s more colorful partner company.
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Also from Idée, the Ao Sofa. Just the right size for a Tokyo micro-house.
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Naoto Fukasawa’s classic wall-mounted CD player has a new matching speaker—and who can resist pulling the cord to turn it on? For now, the player is available in the US, but the speaker isn’t.
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MUJI’s artistic director Kenya Hara says the company tries to offer an unobtrusive “background” for modern living. These clocks exemplify the point.
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These days most MUJI light fixtures are geared towards LEDs. Shown here: a selection of pendant lamps.
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The MUJI mantra—simple is best—worked out well in these silicon LED table lamps.
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This portable LED light is a big seller in Japan.
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After a morning of window-shopping, where else to head for lunch than Café & Meal MUJI? Sadly, not an option in the US.
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The good news: MUJI’s philosophy of blandness-as-virtue does not extend to the kitchen.
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muji tokyo 1 store exterior
All 7,000-plus MUJI products are on sale at the three-floor Yurakucho shop.

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