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Michigan: Day One

As I noted last week via the blog and Twitter, and my colleague Amanda so aptly showed in this slideshow, I was in Michigan last week. It was my first trip to the state and I had a hell of a time. Though about half of my time was spent in and around Holland shooting part three of our Full Spectrum series of videos at Herman Miller, I did head northeast of there for some time in Midland. I went to Midland to see the work of native son, architect, and scion of the Dow Chemical family Alden B. Dow. He did over a hundred buildings in a town of about 40,000 from the 1930s to the 1970s, and never had I seen a town whose aesthetic and feel owed such a debt to just one architect. I got a great tour of the Alden B. Dow home and studio (go if you can!) as well as a tour of town from the home and studio's director Craig McDonald. Have a look at this slideshow to see what I did.

The best view by far of the Alden B. Dow home and studio is from a little rise on the other side of the man made pond. I love how the Prairie style is at play here, a Japanese vibe, and of course this very inventive Dow style as well. The house was built in four stages and also contains what was Dow's architecture office.

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