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Design Indaba 2011

Cape Town's Design Indaba always kicks off with a conference of eclectic speakers from all over the world and wraps up with an expo focusing on Southern African designers. "Forget about the beauty," says New York-based designer Dror Benshetrit, as if every city with two oceans wrapped itself around a mountain. "The people are so welcoming, so open minded, so thirsty to be connected to the grid. I see a lot of potential in South Africa, a lot of creative, eager, ambitious people. I have a really good feeling that I'll be here again soon." Job creation and environmental stewardship have been oft-discussed themes at previous Indabas, but seem to have reached a critical mass this year, which may help its bid for World Design Capital 2014. In the following slideshow, have a look at some of the outstanding works created by the South African designers who exhibited at the 2011 Design Indaba Expo.

Bucket Stool Designed by: Pedersen + LennardIn South Africa, objects tend to be overly designy without enough craft, or too crafty without enough design, says Luke Pedersen. His team has developed several pieces that strive for a balance between industrial and handmade components. In their version of the iconic South African bucket, the metal is powder-coated and fitted with digitally cut plywood legs. The seat works culturally in a similar way that District 9 did: it's immediately accessible to an international audience, but with a special wink-wink-nudge-nudge for South Africans with nostalgia for bucolic days. A favorite with Expo visitors, this piece won the Western Cape Furniture Initiative's award for Emerging Designers.More info:

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