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The Architecture of High Point

I'm hard pressed to think of another city in the United States that's as oriented toward the furniture industry as High Point, North Carolina. From manufacturing to selling, furniture is the heart and soul of the city and region as a whole. And with 10 million square feet of showroom space, it's no wonder why. The High Point Market, which occurs twice yearly in the spring and fall, attracts and estimated 80,000 attendees. What was very interesting to me (a first-time visitor to the area) was High Point's architecture and urban fabric. The downtown area was nearly all showrooms, each with their own unique character. In my previous slideshow, I looked at the furniture on display during the Spring 2011 Market. Here, have a look at the buildings the furniture was displayed in and some of the other structural points of note.

Looks like your average downtown street, right? Nearly all of the buildings in the photograph are furniture showrooms, with the exception of the parking plaza. While the downtown is a bustling area during Market, it's all but deserted the rest of the year.

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