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The Alpine Lodge by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

At the January edition of Pitti Uomo—a bi-annual men's fashion event held in Florence, Italy—accessories brand Want Les Essentiels de la Vie exhibited within the Alpine Lodge, a conceptual structure that channeled the theme of its new collection. We sent a few questions to Want’s co-founders, brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, to learn more about how architecture conveys the brand’s urbane sensibility.

"The Alpine Lodge was inspired by a traditional Japanese mountain lodge," Peart says. "We also referenced places like Chalet Murasaki to convey a sense of luxury that still feels comfortable and relevant in its natural environment." Last year, Want exhibited its Garden House, which the company adapted for the Alpine Lodge. "We wanted to continue to create an interactive experience that allows our guests to understand our collection in a new way," Peart says. "Our aim was to create an atmosphere that offers an entirely different emotion and ambience."

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