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  1. 6 Houses with Modern Trusses
    Rooms We Love

    6 Houses with Modern Trusses

    These trusses make us want to gaze at the ceiling.

    written by: Brandi Andres

  2. 6 Iconic Modernist Residences
    House Tours

    6 Iconic Modernist Residences

    What's it like to live inside an iconic house-museum? These impeccably-preserved residences highlight the work of six great modernist architects from the 20th century.

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  3. 6 Iconic Richard Neutra Homes
    Houses We Love

    6 Iconic Richard Neutra Homes

    The West Coast homes designed by Richard Neutra give midcentury modern enthusiasts plenty to dream about.

    written by: Brandi Andres

  4. 6 Idyllic European Getaways
    Houses We Love

    6 Idyllic European Getaways

    These countryside homes from Spain to Italy will have you dreaming of a jaunt through Europe.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  5. 6 Impressive Urban Renovations
    Houses We Love

    6 Impressive Urban Renovations

    Renovating in dense urban zones comes with its challenges: little space to work with, strict building codes, and neighbors with strong opinions, to name a few. These renovations in cities were able...

    written by: Allie Weiss

  6. 6 Incredible Homes in Big Sur
    Houses We Love

    6 Incredible Homes in Big Sur

    After spending the weekend at the Monterey Design Conference, we have the beautiful coast of central California at top of mind. Here are 6 structures we admire from Big Sur, where nature and...

    written by: Erika Heet

  7. 6 Interiors from Dwell's May Issue
    House Tours

    6 Interiors from Dwell's May Issue

    For Dwell's May 2014 issue, we turned our editorial eye to progressive homes around the globe, from a smart home office in Athens to a eucalyptus-lined enclave in Australia. Take a peek at our...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  8. 6 Inviting Modern Interiors
    Houses We Love

    6 Inviting Modern Interiors

    Modern homes have a reputation for being more showy than comfortable, but these six interiors deftly combine cozy and contemporary.

    written by: Emma Marsano

  9. 6 Issues Dedicated to Sustainable Architecture and Design

    6 Issues Dedicated to Sustainable Architecture and Design

    At Dwell, we jumped on the sustainability wagon early on and it has always been an incredibly important tenet of our design philosophy. Check out these 6 issues from our archives to see all the...

    written by: Megan Hamaker

  10. 6 Luxurious Master Bedrooms
    Rooms We Love

    6 Luxurious Master Bedrooms

    The king suite of the house deserves a little flair.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  11. 6 Midcentury Modern Interiors We Love
    Houses We Love

    6 Midcentury Modern Interiors We Love

    Bust out your cocktail shaker and bossa nova for a visual journey through some classic decor ideas.

    written by: Erika Heet

  12. 6 Modern Cantilevered Homes

    6 Modern Cantilevered Homes

    Cantilevering is a frequent and defining feature of modernist architecture, perhaps most famously exemplified by Frank Lloyd Wright's 1935 masterpiece, Fallingwater. The following examples of homes...

    written by: Sara Ost

  13. 6 Modern Car Garages We Love
    Houses We Love

    6 Modern Car Garages We Love

    The ability to mass produce automobiles made garages a staple in mid-century design. From the Chicago suburbs to rural Montana, here are seven modernizations on this home necessity.

    written by: Kate Santos

  14. 6 Modern Eichler Renovations

    6 Modern Eichler Renovations

    Scattered throughout California, these homes of midcentury master Joseph Eichler received sensitive renovations that further enhance his vision of indoor-outdoor balance.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  15. 6 Modern Homes in Connecticut
    Houses We Love

    6 Modern Homes in Connecticut

    Although New Canaan gets the award for modernism in Connecticut (Breuer, Johnson...), the Constitution State has been known to welcome other forms of modern architectural experimentation. Here are...

    written by: Erika Heet

  16. 6 Modern Homes in Norway
    Houses We Love

    6 Modern Homes in Norway

    It must be the chill in the air that has us thinking of Norway—lovely, freezing Norway. Here are six modern houses that make the place look downright cozy.

    written by: Erika Heet

  17. 6 Modern Homes in San Diego
    Houses We Love

    6 Modern Homes in San Diego

    Although at first glance San Diego is typically associated with beachside apartments and tile-roofed bungalows, it most definitely has a modern side. With architectural legends such as Louis Kahn...

    written by: Erika Heet

  18. 6 Open-Plan Makeovers

    6 Open-Plan Makeovers

    Tactical remodels made these homes considerably more spacious.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  19. 6 Outstanding Additions

    6 Outstanding Additions

    These bold makeovers transform their homes' outward appearance for the better.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  20. 6 Plywood-Loving Prefabs
    House Tours

    6 Plywood-Loving Prefabs

    Take a look at how plywood is incorporated into the designs of these six prefabs.

    written by: Andrea Smith

  21. 6 Rainscreens We Love
    A Great Idea

    6 Rainscreens We Love

    Rainscreens are the modern architect's best friend. In addition to protecting structures from moisture, these application let designers experiment with an array of facade treatments. Six Dwell...

    written by: Diana Budds

  22. 6 Remarkable Mid-Century Modern Updates

    6 Remarkable Mid-Century Modern Updates

    If you're lucky enough to own a home with "Neutra bones," here are six examples of how to update the mid-century feel for modern living.

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  23. 6 Revamped Beach Houses

    6 Revamped Beach Houses

    Escaping to a seaside retreat doesn’t mean you have to rough it; these renovated beach houses incorporate all the comforts of home within a stone’s throw of the shore.


  24. 6 Rooftop Hangouts

    6 Rooftop Hangouts

    With forethought and engineering, a rooftop can be a very valuable bit of real estate. Here are six cool roofs that not only work overhead, but underfoot.

    written by: Erika Heet

  25. 6 Rooms that Bring the Outdoors In
    Rooms We Love

    6 Rooms that Bring the Outdoors In

    Whether in the city or the countryside, interior spaces are more idyllic when a bit of the outdoors is let in.

    written by: Brandi Andres