Shops We Love: Lowell

Obsessed with Southwestern art and one-of-a-kind crafts, the owners of this Portland, Oregon, store explain their aesthetic in ten easy pieces.


Founders and Co-Owners: Maya Rose and Dino Matt

Opening Date: December 2011

Address: 819 N. Russell Street, Portland, Oregon

Phone: (503) 753-3608

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What’s it all about: This airy, welcoming North Portland store specializes handmade, unusual and one-of-a-kind items, with an emphasis on Southwestern and Native American art (the founder both met in Tucson before moving to Portland in 2010). They “focus on what other shops don’t have.”

Philosophy: “We didn’t want to have a watered-down concept.. we wanted to make a living doing something without compromise.” —Maya Rose

Best question a customer has asked in the last week: “When we do get people in who haven’t been in a gallery or a high-end shop—not even high-end, our stuff is pretty affordable—they’re not used to having to pick up items to find the price tags. People thought we just had a house of these incredible curated objects open to the public. Literally, they came in and said, is any of this stuff for sale, or is this just your house and you live in the back?” — Maya Rose

View our slideshow to see some of Maya and Dino’s favorite pieces.

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