Shops We Love: A&G Merch

The Williamsburg furniture fixture A&G Merch showcases its edgy, tongue-in-cheek vibe with a selection of its favorite current pieces.

A&G Merch

Founder: Jill Goldhand

Opening Date: March 2006

Address: 111 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York, right off the Bedford train stop in Williamsburg; A&G also opened a sister store in San Francisco at 2279 Market Street in 2011

Phone: (718) 388-1779

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What’s It All About: Owner Jill Goldhand was leaving the music industry and wanted something new to put her heart into, and opened A&G to provide unique furniture and housewares to Williamsburg. The aesthetic is a “edgy and tongue-and-cheek,” according to store manager Alba Ponce de Leon. Many of these pieces are unique or made by local artisans or craftspeople.

Philosophy: “We’re very much about having unique, interesting pieces, things that are well made or well crafted, that have lasting value. We try to provide our customers with things that will cause you to look twice, that won’t feel like you’ve seen them a million times.” —Store Manager Alba Ponce de Leon

Weirdest Question From a Customer: "Lots of people ask us how many stores we have, and are often shocked when I say, 'Only two, here and SF.' People’s reactions can be funny. Sometimes they even try to offer to open stores for us. We take it all as a compliment, of course!" —Ponce de Leon

View our slideshow to see some of the store’s favorite pieces.

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