Product of the Day: Ceramic and Wood Coffee Set by Luca Nichetto

Toronto's Mjölk gallery commissions Italian designer Luca Nichetto for a restrained, elegant coffee set made of ceramic and wood.

Juli Daoust and John Baker's groundbreaking Toronto retail space, Mjölk, opened in 2009 and introduced Ontario to design mixing Nordic traditions and Japanese aesthetics. (Check out Dwell's story on the shop, from 2011, for more.)

When Italian designer Luca Nichetto first visited Canada from Stockholm, where his studio is based, he went to Mjölk on his friend Eero Koivisto's suggestion. He met Baker and Daoust and felt a kinship with their crisp interiors and carefully curated items. The trio decided to collaborate on a product exclusive to the gallery along with a solo exhibition of Nichetto's work. The resulting “Sucabaruca” coffee set comprises hand-carved ceramics with a Canadian maple wooden tray; currently available in all-white, two other color sets are in the works: pastel tones, characteristic of Japanese architecture, and eventually primary Pop colors, a tribute to the eclectic artist Jean-Paul Goude.

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