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Living room of a mid-century Eichler outfitted with vintage furniture

5 Mid-Century Inspired Interiors

What do an Eichler in San Rafael, a prefab in Emeryville, and a house/gallery in Antwerp have in common? They feature interiors outfitted with mid-century furniture. Click thorough our slideshow for more eye candy.
July 17, 2013
bornstein dining  1

Minimalist Pine-Clad Dining Room in Sweden

Perched atop a hill between a large park and Gothenburg's former industrial past rests architect Per Bornstein's 1,400 square feet slatty home featured from our Big Ideas for Small Spaces issue. Here, the architect and his daughter Velma sit in the minimalist dining room at a table the architect designed himself with wooden chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen. Black wooden cabinets add contrast to the untreated glued-laminated pinewood-clad walls. Unadorned and umembellished, the room's design is elegant and raw. “There’s no painting, nothing,” he says. “It’s straight out of the package. I like the idea that everything is what it is. Nothing is enclosed. If it’s a radiator, then it’s a radiator. If it’s a light fitting, then it’s a light fitting. In the end, it makes the house very easy to understand.”
July 17, 2013
sticotti residence master bedroom

A Cozy and Modern Indoor-Outdoor Bedroom in Buenos Aires

Peek inside Argentinean architect and furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti's indoor-outdoor bedroom in his cozy and modern Buenos Aires home.
July 14, 2013
Family in kitchen made of salvaged wood pieces

5 Modern Kitchen Design Inspirations

From a wooden angled open space to a Parisian art director's room with an island, here is a cool quintet of kitchens we wouldn't mind cooking in. For a curated assortment of kitchenware goods, click here.
July 14, 2013
dialogue house pool

Geometric Pool with a View in Phoenix

Perched on picturesque Echo Mountain in Phoenix, this Wendell Burnette-designed desert home featured from our Indoor Outdoor issue, comes with a pool that is "half terrace, half cool-water retreat...projected toward the canopy of the desert sky." Enclosed by 13-foot-high white plaster walls, light dramatically filters through the holes that bounce from the water onto the far wall. “One volume gets the city and the valley,” says Burnette, “and the pool frames nothing but sky. There’s a dialogue experientially between these two elemental volumes. They talk to each other.” The pool feels as laterally finite as the house feels spacious—but the view goes up forever.
July 12, 2013
shatter-proof wine glass

6 Outdoor Patio Dining Essentials

Summer brings warm nights and the perfect atmosphere for outdoor patio dining. Set the stage for an evening on the terrace with these six patio dining essentials from shatter-proof wine glasses to vintage light strings.
July 12, 2013
wardell sagan residence teak and steel sink exposed copper piping  0

Industrial Shipping Container Bathroom

When a pair of San Franciscans recast their loft with a pair of shipping containers, their bathroom got the full industrial treatment. Exposed pipes, copper fittings, and a slate of custom work by designer Pat Carson have made this bathroom a perfect addition to their prefab abode.
July 12, 2013
lake iosco house outside lake

5 Great Lakeside Homes Around the World

A cool breeze coming off the water is the best escape from a mid-summer heatwave. These five lakeside homes combine modern design with fresh locations to serve as the perfect summer retreats.
July 11, 2013
cottage, guilford, connecticut, gray organschi

A Connecticut Cottage Outfitted with Modern Furniture

In Guilford, Connecticut, residents Suzanne and Brooks Kelley furnished the glass-walled living room of their cottage with an array of classic items paired with minimalist contemporary pieces, all in a soothing mix of neutral hues.
July 10, 2013