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The house clearly displays its Sea Ranch–style touches.
Josie’s tepee playhouse stands on a platform, where she and her friends erect sets for their theatrical productions.
The apartment towers at Lafayette Park.
a plastic adirondack chair for children
The apartment towers at Lafayette Park.
outdoor, patio, stone, farmhouse
modern design young guns 2014 Benjamin Graindorge assemblage
Soe Ker Tie houses in Thailand-Burma
Exterior view of prefab weekend home
the white composite exterior of a vacation home in California
a tan stone wall with a white sink
modern outdoor garden room plastic polycarbonate
The exterior of this 1878 Victorian offers little insight into its new, expansive, light-filled interior. The house even keeps its solar-powered personality under wraps, with its panels tucked neatly­ (and unnoticeably) behind its low-pitched roof.
a close-up shot of the home's renovated exterior
the front door of a renovated Eichler home in the early evening
the renovated exterior of the home featuring a custom teal door
a close-up shot of the home's renovated exterior
a shot of the kitchen prior to renovation
modern landscaping outdoor site plan
modern landscaping outdoor ipe wood vertical planter
modern outdoor landscaping stoop facade
Moonshine is beautifully set in an isolated spot in the English countryside outside of Bath. The dramatic juxtaposition of a stone gamekeeper's cottage and a modern timber framed addition gives the home a quaint, pastoral feel while capitalizing on the dr
Minimal modernist home renovation in Germany
Traditional Victorian facade in Australia
the fencing surrounding the frontyard of a rnovated Eichler home in California
a view of the renovated Eichler from the far corner of the backyard by night
the exterior of a renovated Eichler home at night
the front door of a renovated Eichler home in the early evening
a ceramic planter with gilded eye designs
ceramic pot painted with an upside down face
Mason and friends scramble around his soon-to-be tree house as Muriel swings. What remains of the original brick house can be seen on the right side of the structure, with the new master bedroom on top and living area on the left. A hot tub and seating ar
The 300-year-old beech tree supplies shade, movement, sound, and color to the site, and provides a towering natural counterpoint to the renovated home's long, low expanses of glass.