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Modern interior with custom fireplace and concrete wall
Cinematic Family Retreat in São Paulo, Brazil
modern fire resistant green boulder living area barcelona chairs shaker stove crate bookshelves
Living room with vintage Risom furniture and sliding steel door
floating home living room renovation in Seattle, Washington
Separated only by large expanses of glass, the interior and exterior landscape flow together.
modern living room connecticut
modern sea ranch coastal living dining area douglas fir black walnut dining table
Modern living room in Sea Ranch with a vintage chair and stool
Interior of a modern guesthouse in Sea Ranch with comfortable built-ins
modern renovation aqua lair cigar lamp malm fireplace living room
modern renovation aqua lair living room plycraft chairs
Amy Butler midcentury modern house tour in Ohio includes a Plycraft chair in brown leather.
Vintage Plycraft chair paired with floral blue wallpaper in the Ohio home of designer Amy Butler.
Great room of Glee star Jayma Mays in Los Feliz, Los Angeles
lola pittsburgh affordable living area sofa walnut coffee table
After walking through the front door visitors enter directly into the enormous kitchen and living space. The interior is minimal, using predominantly timber and concrete. It also provides some spectacular views of the river.
Versatile three-arm chandelier that can be converted in several configurations
Rich walnut chair inspired by original midcentury design
Basketwoven floor mat in a variety of sizes and shapes for versatile floor coverings
Collection of exclusive framed prints for the Dwell Store in a variety of colors
Screen-printed blue elephant with hand-drawn charcoal line work
Golden leaf print made from screen printing and hand drawn charcoal work
Screen-printed pink bird with hand drawn charcoal line work
Intricately drawn fern over screen print
Intricately hand drawn snake over screen-print
UC Davis and Honda Smart Home living room
Matali Crasset, yellow, concrete, living room
tagliabue house living room concrete walls
Phillips factory interior living room
Multipurpose walnut dining table in kitchen
Small apartment in Manhattan, New York