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A gabled house in Portland, Oregon
Refined pendulum style ceiling fan with four blades
Elegant three-blade drop pendulum ceiling fan
Slim bullet-shaped ceiling fan
Wooden beehive inspired ceiling fan
Ceiling fan designed for low ceilings with brushed nickel finish
modern beach house thatch roof living dining bar cart
A Philippe Starck standing lamp and an Eames chaise longue bracket the living room; two Lawrence Weiner prints hang behind a pair of Warren Platner chairs and a table purchased from a River Oaks estate sale; at far left of the room, a partial wall of new
Renovated apartment in Clerkenwell, London.
Square-shaped area guest bedroom home office
A reflective light shelf sits atop the lower window units. “When light hits the shelf, it reflects back on the ceiling,” Woo explains. “This is a very deep space, so we tried to bring the light as far back as possible.” The Neo sectional chaise by Niels B
Modern living room of with maple bookshelves
modern living room connecticut
Living room underneath a loft in a micro-living unit
Modern artist studio with a living room loft mezzanine
Modern micro-living unit with a pegboard mezzanine
The table’s base, which itself is an additional storage container, rolls easily into place to support the surface.
Matali Crasset, yellow, concrete, living room
Modern living room with 620 Chair Programme by Dieter Rams
modern outdoor living room garden sofa
family pet hanging out by wooden stairs
Maine living room
The Dimanches relax in their exotic living room.
Finn Juhl's modernist living room with a Poet sofa
Modern interior with custom fireplace and concrete wall
Cinematic Family Retreat in São Paulo, Brazil
modern fire resistant green boulder living area barcelona chairs shaker stove crate bookshelves
Living room with vintage Risom furniture and sliding steel door
floating home living room renovation in Seattle, Washington
Separated only by large expanses of glass, the interior and exterior landscape flow together.
modern living room connecticut