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January 14, 2014
Food, like design, is a key factor of everyday life. Not everyone appreciates food and design with fervor, but at Dwell, we recognize the importance of both. Part one of our Kitchens We Love series focuses on how to use wood for maximum effect.
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The kitchen, complete with an Aga stove, is framed by modular shelves and helps heat the sleeping nook directly above it.

On a rocky island in Maine's Penobscot Bay is a rugged, barn-inspired retreat with a U-shape kitchen that architect Christopher Campbell devised as a workshop. "The end result is a clean and somewhat elegant space in which you could just as easily plate a dinner for 20 as rebuild a carburetor," he says. Cabinetry is made of pine; flooring is Douglar fir; and wall paneling is made of Russian spruce. Photo by Raimund Koch.

Photo by Raimund Koch.

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