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lamesadevenn: Part 6

In this series, trace the story of lamesadevenn, a green live/work space in Santa Fe, New Mexico, created for two community groups, La Mesita and La Resolana. Rather than simply becoming a building that addresses the structural needs of the groups, lamesadevenn seeks to embody their values of sustainability, experiential education, and community involvement. Part 6: The Foundation.

Twenty-seven months, thousands of late night studio hours, hundreds of intercontinental emails, several bottles of cheap whiskey, dozens of increasingly strained community conversations, a handful of visits from the county inspectors, and one tenuous construction loan later, lamesadevenn’s hallmark Rancho project finally broke ground.

Excavating for most residential foundations takes a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. Due to the expansive soils and the lamesadevenn collaborative’s desire to mitigate erosion by impeding rain runoff, the bulldozers were chomping for nearly a month. In Santa Fe, earthwork averages around $800 a month, but through some dealing with two amenable local contractors, Su Hogar and Wingspan Construction, lamesadevenn managed to cut this price in half.

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