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Works by Maira Kalman

Last week painter and illustrator Maira Kalman was in San Francisco to kick off the Contemporary Jewish Museum's run of her new show Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (Of a Crazy World). I had a chance to talk with Kalman and wander through the gallery with her and the show's curator Ingrid Shaffner. Check out our conversation and click on the slideshow here to get a good look at her work.

This is one of Kalman's best, and gets to the heart of her work and the worldview it suggests. Entitled, Self Portrait with Pete, it shows her at home with her beloved dog. One of the best bits of the Kalman show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum is a video Kalman's son made of her playing the accordion for Pete, who looks to be lulled into a hilarious stupor by the woozy waltz.

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