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8 Side Tables We Love

For drinks, books, and lamps, these eight side tables add a little surface space to your living areas.
Genevieve table for John Lewis.

5 Vanities We Could Stare at All Day

Once a symbol of glamour and luxury, the vanity fell into obscurity after the mid-20th century. Today’s designers are reviving the style en masse.
fiber ones

Poufs, Pillows, and Other Threads to Touch Up Your Home

Blankets, pillows, poufs, and napkins lend a touch of tactility to rooms begging for warmth in the winter months.
Modern saddle leather furniture like the Nivola sofa by Poltrona Frau

5 Dream Sofas

More for admiring than plopping down on, these five stately sofas could be in a museum.
umbrashift pleatedearth planter self watering enviro

Create an Indoor Garden with Elegant Planters

With cold temperatures and winter storms sweeping much of the United States, it’s hard to believe that spring is only a few weeks away.
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A New Book on the Los Angeles Development of Iconic Modernist Architect A. Quincy Jones

Architect and Dwell on Design Los Angeles speaker Cory Buckner’s forthcoming book, Crestwood Hills: The Chronicle of a Modern Utopia, revisits the obstacles faced by the Mutual Housing Association…
Laura Desk
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Get Organized with These 5 Modern Desks

Though the health effects of sedentary office work have recently been called into question, it's fair to assume most of us still rely on a desk to keep us organized, either at home or the workplace.
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14 Colorful Kitchen Accessories for Under $100

Adding a splash to your kitchen needn't break the bank.