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Up Your Glassware Game with These Striking Modern Pieces

Toast to innovative and unexpected design with fferrone’s assortment of glassware.
missoni home outdoor

Patterns for the Outdoors by Missoni Home

Designed by Rosita Missoni, the latest collection by Missoni Home shows that it's possible to bring bright patterns and colors to any space—indoors or out.
george nelson ball clock

George Nelson’s Ball Clock May Not Be His After All

Put together a bunch of great designers, heavy drinking, and some sketch paper, and the next morning you’ll end up with at least one great design. The problem? No one will remember who made it.

Classic French Bistro Chair Has Been in Production for Over 125 Years

Fermob has been producing colorful outdoor furniture since the early 20th century, including its iconic Bistro Chair, which celebrated its 125th birthday in 2014.
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Product Reviews

Case Closed: 7 Casegoods to Streamline At-Home Storage

In this week's Modern Monday Twitter conversation, Design Milk posed the question: How can we balance our drive for super-clean, minimal spaces and the reality of living with things?
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This Modern Mailbox Was Made for Midcentury Lovers

You might not expect a mailbox to have a story behind it, but most mailboxes are not the Midcentury Modern Mailbox from modbox USA.