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8 Modern Mirrors to Redefine Your Interiors

Update your modern rooms by introducing a new mirror into the space. From sleek minimalist frames to elegant leather wall hangings, this assortment of mirrors will add another dimension to your rooms.
monochromatic dining room with concrete floors, white walls, and black Cherner chairs

Monochromatic Color Palettes Are the Ultimate Modern Design Tool

With stunning photographs by Pia Ullin, Monochrome Home shows how restrained color palettes of inky blues, black, white, and neutrals create a sophisticated, modern interior.
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Modern Umbrellas to Get You Ready for April Showers

When spring storms roll in this season, be prepared with an elegantly designed umbrella.
beanbag chairs

An Homage to the Mighty Beanbag Chair

Look no further than a beanbag chair for the ultimate in flexible, comfortable seating.
modern kitchen and bath rental fixes and improvements include bathroom accessories by sabi

7 Versatile Home Products Every Renter Should Know

No painting, nailing, or wiring required. These savvy products give renters the freedom to personalize their homes without risking their security deposits.
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Up Your Glassware Game with These Striking Modern Pieces

Toast to innovative and unexpected design with fferrone’s assortment of glassware.
missoni home outdoor

Patterns for the Outdoors by Missoni Home

Designed by Rosita Missoni, the latest collection by Missoni Home shows that it's possible to bring bright patterns and colors to any space—indoors or out.
george nelson ball clock

George Nelson’s Ball Clock May Not Be His After All

Put together a bunch of great designers, heavy drinking, and some sketch paper, and the next morning you’ll end up with at least one great design. The problem? No one will remember who made it.