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July 10, 2014
Originally published in America the Beautiful
The Joy of Cooking
You’re out of excuses for preparing a subpar meal. Keep family and guests sated with the help of appliances and equipment that will make you think you have your own sous-chef.
Smartest home kitchen products

With the help of these products, cooking for one—or twenty—has never been simpler.

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Metal telescoping light and hood

F-Light Pareo Hood by Faber, $1,600

Turn on this hood and it telescopes as it descends from the ceiling. It’ll suck up 20,000 cubic feet of air every hour while its four LED lights illuminate the stovetop.

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Metal silver gas range

Pro Harmony PRG304GH Gas Range by Thermador, $4,149 

Many homeowners expect professional chef-level performance from their ranges. The high price goes toward hyper-specific heat controls that help you to simmer and boil with precision. A removable base lets you quickly clean beneath the burners.

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Cooking temperature control sous-vide cooker

Sous Vide by Nomiku, $299 

Clip this onto the side of a pot, add sealed ingredients, and turn the knob to start cooking. The Sous Vide’s precision temperature control lets you cook a fish fillet to the exact doneness.

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Glass carafe turns liquid into vapor

Le Whaf by The Lab Store Paris, $165 

In no way necessary, though novel and nerdy: Pulsating crystals in the bottom of this carafe turn any liquid into clouds you can inhale. Pour it, then consume with a glass straw to sample flavors without the calories (or alcoholic content).

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Black and silver coffee maker

BraZen Coffee Maker by Behmor, $199

Some coffee aficionados swear by simple methods, like pour-over brewing, but most of us don’t have the time or patience. The BraZen does more than any single barista can, including reading an integrated altimeter to correct heat distribution when changed by elevation.

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Silver microwave with touch screen

Genius Prestige NN-SE982S by Panasonic, $279

Besides its touch screen controls and quick defrost, a special feature lets this microwave work like a warming drawer by keeping a constant temperature. Its 1,250 watts of power will nuke any food in a jiffy.

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White planter with automatic water dispenser

Starter Kit by Click and Grow, $80 

You can now grow basil and chilies, even if you’ve failed with a cactus. Install four AA batteries, fill the tub to the water line, and place the plant where it can get some daily sunshine. The system dispenses water automatically.

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Silver refrigerator with touch screen and SodaStream dispenser

Smart Fridge (RF31FMESBSR) by Samsung, $3,799 

This 30.5-cubic-foot fridge has a SodaStream carbon dioxide cartridge in its door to make fizzy water at one of three different levels of effervescence. (Yes, it also dispenses ice and still water.)

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Silver wine dispenser

WineStation by Napa Technology, $4,999

If you are a serious wine collector and imbiber, put this in your kitchen. Install the bottles you wish to drink, and the temperature-precise wine dispenses through a tap that will keep an open bottle in pristine condition.

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Folding digital scale in green

TriScale Compact Folding Digital Scale by Joseph Joseph, $30 

Cycle between weighing your ingredients in fluid ounces, grams, pounds, and millimeters, all displayed on an LCD screen. An integrated tare function deducts the weight of a container from the gross weight of what’s on the scale. When you’re finished cooking, it folds up to fit in a kitchen drawer.

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Smartest home kitchen products

With the help of these products, cooking for one—or twenty—has never been simpler.

Photo by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan.

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