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July 8, 2014
Originally published in America the Beautiful
The Science of Upkeep
When it comes to hygiene, fitness, and a sound rest, technology is here to help. We present devices that will streamline your morning and bedtime routines—plus: cleaning solutions that use far less elbow grease.
Science of upkeep products

These products for the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and hall closet will make improve your mind and body.

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Touch screen shower control panel

iSteam Touch by Mr. Steam, $1,200

From one screen, control the temperature, time, even the aroma of your steam shower. The fused-silica glass and polished, cast-aluminum housing keep the electronics dry and functioning.

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Cannister vaccuum with sensor in metallic brown

S8990 UniQ by Miele, $1,500

This vacuum’s HEPA filter sucks every allergen from the floor and into a self-closing bag. A sensor on the bottom detects which floor surface it’s cleaning and alters its suction accordingly.

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Top load washer and front load dryer

WT6001HVA washer and DLEX6001V dryer by LG, $1,600–$1,700 per unit

Depending on how involved you want to be in your dirty laundry, you can communicate with LG’s washer and dryer with its app. Wireless communication aside, the patented TurboWash cycle gets clothes exceptionally clean and allergen-free in a speedy 38-minute cycle.

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Conical shower head with speaker

Moxie Showerhead K-9245-0 2.5 by Kohler, $199

This showerhead has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lasts for seven hours and connects to a phone up to 32 feet away, enough distance to keep devices dry. When it’s out of battery power, remove it and recharge via USB.

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Rechargeable electric toothbrush in white

DiamondClean Toothbrush HX9332/05 by Philips Sonicare, $220

The DiamondClean brushes your teeth at 31,000 strokes per minute. Pauses in the cycle tell you when to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth, and its travel case lets you recharge from your computer’s USB port.

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Circadian clock for a natural wake up call

Rise & Shine Natural Sleep System by Verilux, $250

If a regular alarm induces too much panic, this circadian clock will instead wake you with gradually brightening lights and sounds. The blue lights shine a specific hue that increases alertness.

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Steam mop with handle command in white and blue

SmartSelect Deluxe Steam Mop with Handle Command (BDH1760SM) by Black & Decker, $120

Turn the dial, and the mop dispenses the right amount of steam for the floor surface while dislodging floor debris. When you finish, throw the cleaning pad in the washing machine.

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Ultrasonic humidifier in black

William Ultrasonic Humidifier by Stadler Form, $168

The William will fill a space of up to 1,000 square feet with lung-friendly humid air. Inside, its automatic cleaning system keeps mold from forming.

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Smart health tracking scale

Smart Body Analyzer by Withings, $150

Weight alone isn’t a sufficient metric for gauging health. This scale will tell you your body fat percentage and heart rate—and can even detect carbon dioxide. Sync the data to the Withings Health Mate app to create a full health profile.

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Science of upkeep products

These products for the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and hall closet will make improve your mind and body.

Photo by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan.

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