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6 Smartphone-Controlled Home Products

Our homes are getting more and more intelligent thanks to the little computers in our pockets—our smartphones. Companies are creating products that communicate with your iPhone or Android handset, letting you control and manage them with a few taps on the screen. You can get everything from a door lock to lights to an air conditioner to connect to your phone. Soon enough, we'll be living in robo-houses that will do everything for us.

August Smart Lock

Yves Behar, renowned designer of Fuseproject, has dipped his hands in the smart home space with the August Smart Lock. It's an electronic lock that recognizes when you're at the door, thanks to a Bluetooth connection with your phone, and unlocks. You can manage digital keys for friends and family, and track who is entering and leaving your house. The lock also has an auto-lock feature, so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving you home open to unwanted guests.

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